BULK Hi-Shock polywire 800m deal

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Hi-shock polywire is 3 times better than standard polywires, but not 3 times the price.This is a great product for fences over 500 meters long of for a bit of extra kick.
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Bulk deal comes in 4 x 200 meter rolls.

ELECTRIC FENCE AUSTRALIA Polywires and tapes are the best for visibility and recognitive values for most animals Designed by Electric Fence Australia specificaly for the harsh Australian environment. Extra tuff polymer plastics used in our product.

Product name Resistance per meter Product width
Standard polywire 7.4 ohms 2 mm
Standard polytape 7.4 ohms 10 mm
Hi-shock polywire 2.3 ohms 2 mm
Hi-shock polytape 2.3 ohms 20 mm
Hi-shock polyrope 2.3 ohms 4 mm

Hi-shock polytape
(40mm wide)

2.3 ohms 40 mm


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