Electric fence insulators to keep your wire and tape away from the fence posts. Made of non conductive material an insulator stops the voltage from running through your live wires and escaping, causing a voltage drop. Electric fencing insulators are also known as: fence clips, post clips, plastic fencing clips

Electric fencing insulators

Nemtek porcelain bobbin reel insulators
Electric fence  25 x Daken claw tape insulator for steel post
Electric fence  Thunderbird bag of 25 wood post insulators
Electric fence Daken bag of 25 Daken wood post screw in insulators
nemtek star steel post Picket Dual pin insulator
nemtek star steel post Picket insulated cap for rope
 5 x Daken star picket caps for 95mm tape
Electric fence  Thunderbird bag of 25 heavy duty star picket pinlock insulators
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