Thunderbird M1680R 130km Mains power energiser

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Thunderbird M1680R is a super advanced Mains powered electric fence energiser, with remote control capability.Australian made, it's up for any fencing task you can throw at it.
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Performance and Features that are world class.

THUNDERBIRD’S M1680R mains high powered energiser, with advanced performance and features that are truly world class.

Powering up to 130km of electric fencing this large mains powered energiser is up to the biggest fencing tasks for any kind of animal and any situation.

  • Digital voltage display– displays level of voltage being displayed to fence.
  • Remote Ready– remote control (optional) Turns energiser on or off from the fence line.
  • Low and High power terminals– both can be used at the same time to different fence lines.
  • Safety Certified– meets Australian safety requirements
  • 2 years Warranty– 6 months lightning warranty.
  • Built for Quality- transformer is vacuum sealed, SMD electronics for better reliability

Download M650R/M1150R/M1680R Brochure (PDF)

M25 2km 0.26 8,000 2 years YES
M60 7.5km 0.7 8,000 2 years YES
M120 15km 1.4 8,000 2 years YES
M250 25km 2.2 8,000 2 years YES
M350 35km 3.1 8,000 2 years YES
M650R 60km 5.6 7,500 2 years YES
M1150R 90km 10.3 7,500 2 years YES
M1680R 130km 14.5 7,500 2 years YES


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