Nemtek Equi-2J - 20km Mains or Battery Energiser

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Nemtek's EquiEnergiser A 2 joule energizer for electric fences up to 20 km* Includes an LCD remote. Great for controlling the most stubborn of equines and can be used for most other animals too.
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• Powers up to 20km of fence*

• Robust weather resistant system

• Battery charge state indicator

• Energizer overload indicator

• Day/night sensor

• Output energy max 2J (stored energy 3.3J)

• Powered by battery or mains power adaptor (both sold separately)

• Adaptable mounting options (wall, fence wire or wooden post)

• Lightning protection

• Includes LCD handheld remote to program and monitor energizer functions, such as

  • adjustment of fence voltage
  • pulse rate
  • independent day/night setting
  • accurate battery voltage reporting
  • fence performance monitoring

20 km* is the maximum for an ideal electric fence. As most fences are not ideal, Nemtek recommends that this energizer is used for fences of up to 5 km with Nemtek's poly wires and ropes.


• Powers up to 20 km of fence*

• Output energy max 2 J (stored energy 3.3 J)

• Power source: battery and solar panel or an external power supply 240 AC to 12 Vdc

• APT - patented technology: Increases the voltage of the fence optimizing the performance of the energizer.

• Low power consumption at 6 watts 

• Programmable options via the LCD hand held remote

• Adjustable fence operating voltage and pulse rate

• Independent day/night setting of fence voltage and pulse rate

• Accurate control of fence voltage over a wide range of fence conditions

• Fence voltage control between conventional and APT methods

• Battery charge state indication (green/charged, yellow/low, red/discharged)

• Nemtek Security Lock (deterrent against energizer theft)



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